Ann M. Sage, Artist/Photographer

Ann Sage, Artist & Photographer

Welcome! What a gorgeous day! So wonderful to be alive and have so many blessings! Every day I feel a surge of exhilaration looking at all God created, and I can’t wait to capture it with my camera lens.

Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer it just doesn’t matter. I am on the move! My camera is either strapped to my shoulder or sits beside me while the rural scenes slide past my window in a pastoral diorama — the black and white cows like shiny lead toys in their lush green meadows, the brightly colored roofs, the old barns, the sun-lit sky, dew on blades of grass, fall’s brilliant foliage, it’s all awe-inspiring.

My art and photography play on each other! I paint from the inspiration I get from nature via my camera lens. I am still working on the “pleine aire” aspect for my oil paintings.